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Nova Naturals essential oil blends are thoughtfully formulated, each blend inspired by natures best scents. Made using natural and pure internationally sourced essential oils. Perfect for diffusing! 


Cozy Nights: Inspired by fireside cuddling on a cold winters night! Woodsy, earthy with hints of floral and vanilla!


Woodland: Inspired by the familiar, soothing scents of Christmas Eve. Woodsy with hints of candy cane and apple pie!


Peace & Breathe: Calm, relax, just breathe! Minty with earthy hints of cinnamon and clove.


Citris Zest: Inspired by the scent of Fall Harvest, renminiscent of hot apple pie, this blend is an all-time favvorite. Fruity with hints of gramma's home-made apple pie. 


Coastal Breeze: This client requested blend is a sure scent pleaser. Imagine the scent of an ocean breeze as it wraps itself around the petals of the seaside flowers. Floral, earthy with spicy hints.

Essential Oil Blends

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